Tuesday, 17 July 2012

ConQuest Update: More Spriting, plus game balancing

Okay, so I’ve already established that my main goal for now is to polish the first section of the game and turn it into something playable and presentable. 
Or at least, I hope I’ve established that. If I haven’t said it already, I’m saying it now.
This week marks my first one back at Uni, but I’m still finding some time to work on various things. Here’s a boss sprite that I finished up yesterday. Or at least, he’s good enough for now.
I ported him into the game and started playing around with the boss encounter. Stuff I tested included:
  • the health and defenses of the boss enemy
  • attack power and different attacks the boss could use
  • weaknesses and how the player might be able to use skills like a healing spell and earth attack to make the fight easier
  • the optimum level for a player to be before taking on the boss, along with the level the player would most likely be after going through the forest area
it’s a lot of stuff to consider! And even after fiddling around with everything, I realised something was missing. The fight just felt too boring.
A lot of RPGs will make their boss battles interesting by turning them into a puzzle of sorts. The battle will appear tough at first until a solution appears, which will make the fight much easier. Some puzzles might be simple, but they’re a lot more engaging than simply attacking and healing over and over.
So here’s a really rough development thing I drew up tonight. “Sexy Pichus” or something. Like“Sexy Tails” but hopefully a little less painful to look at? 
That said - I really don’t like seeing these sorts of cosplays at conventions. If you’re cosplaying a character like Yoko Littner and are able to pull it off - that’s great! But taking a character and changing its design completely as an excuse to wear a revealing top and fishnets — it really rubs me the wrong way.
Anyway. These two will function as healers/status dealers/something along those lines. Just something to make the fight more entertaining. I’ll probably make an update when I finish their sprites.
That’s all for today, though. Hopefully more to come soon. :)

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