Tuesday, 12 June 2012

ConQuest Update: More Spriting and Progress

Today was pretty good. After a fair amount of time without any major progress, I managed to finish scripting the boss encounter for the first area of the game and fixed up some maps in the process.

My job now is to polish up the first area of the game - turn it into something playable and perhaps “fun” before moving on with the rest of the game. So I’m simultaneously working on sprites and menus and equipment and secrets and yeah. There’s a lot I want to do. Here’s an enemy I created last year that some of you may remember.

Naruto cosplayers are pretty common at conventions, so they’re another mook for the player to take their anger out on! I previously faced problems when I tried to scale this art down to fit in the game. It ended up looking pretty shitty (as if my art wasn’t mediocre enough as it was!)

It looks so-so when uploaded to tumblr, but within the game engine this sprite looks pretty damn horrible and blurry. But lately, I decided I’d try and combat this by doing pixel art instead. A pretty painstaking process, but I think it’s worth the trouble in the end.

I may edit this slightly later on, but I feel happy with it for the most part. The shading’s a bit off and I might need to do a bit more Sel-Out with those black edges — but otherwise it seems pretty decent. Now that he’s done, I’m going to work on some terrain sprites to get the game looking a bit prettier. I might look for some placeholders where possible, but I’d really like to practice my spriting and make some cool art on my own. Stay tuned.

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