Tuesday, 1 November 2011

ConQuest Update - "Smart" Enemies

Or at least enemies which have two states. In their inactive state, they roam around on their own. When the player comes within a certain range of them, they activate and start to chase the player.
Big thanks to Chad Sexington (sic) of neoseeker’s RPG Maker XP forums for help with this. I should really be making a better effort to learn how to program this stuff myself, but his assistance was really great. 
Since this was scripted using RPGMaker's event system, I may need to take this out and replace with a script later. Reason being, with too many parallel processes going on at once I may get lag in the game. I'll wait and see.

Now that this is pretty much out of the way, what’s next?
Battle systems, I think. I’m going to start looking into them this Thursday after my exams - preferably a system which involves less bashing of the button to go through menus and select the same attack every time.
I’ve bookmarked another site/forum to help me with this stuff, but I’d really like to be able to customise this a little bit. Which is a big ask because I am terrible at programming/scripting. But I’ll try anyway!

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  1. I had this idea yesterday and brainstormed on it all evening... got around to checking to see if it existed already and found your WIP.

    We primarily work with the Android system... what do you plan on releasing this on? PC? Iphone? Android?

    It's a fun idea and very rich with possibilities. Perhaps we can co-exist without stepping on eachother's toes too much.

    There are 3 of us and we've got a lot of time to dedicate to projects, so we might have an easier time getting something like this out and available to play in a short time.

    Email me at SmithSquaredSoftware@gmail.com or on Gtalk with the same name if you'd like to chat.


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