Sunday, 23 October 2011

Back from the dead!

Okay so I'm back again. Long time no see! University studies got the best of me even though I probably should have kept updating this blog anyway.

So today, a bit of housekeeping.

  • For starters - Convention Quest is still in development. 
I know I haven't updated since July, but don't worry - I have not forgotten about this project. I'm still close to this idea and I've shown it off to a few friends and classmates at uni now, and received a pretty good response which has further motivated me to finish it.

I'll post some screencaps or video updates another time. There's just been a lot of planning on paper behind where exactly I want the game to go. At one point I think I gave the game a bit too much of a serious tone, so I'm trying to get that back in the right direction too.

  • During my Uni semester I also worked on another game, which I'm calling Ultra Ordinary Lad for now.
This was a fast 2D platformer developed in Construct 2. Most of it was made in 12 hours, but I then decided to take it a bit further by adding new attacks, animations etc. I'll probably get back to this project eventually and I'll post a proper update about it on this blog soon. Here's a screenshot for now:

  • Last thing - don't expect too many updates from me until 2nd November, as I have one final exam then.
That's all for now, though. I'm keeping this update relatively brief so that I can at least publish it.

- Nathan

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