Wednesday, 26 October 2011

ConQuest Update - Level Design and Mapping

This is really two updates in one, I think.

First off, here's a timelapse of me mapping out a screen/area/level. Or half of one, at least. This was over the course of about an hour.

Here's what I did today - a bit of post processing with some fog effects. Just to give the place a bit more atmosphere.

I also figured out how to work treasure chests properly, though I guess that wasn't too big of an accomplishment - just a short move route and a switch statement. But I hunted down some custom sound effects for them anyway which were pretty cool, if I may say so myself.

This forest area has another few screens/areas for me to finish. Two large maps, along with a couple of small ones. It's grown quite a bit since my initial plans, but I like it better this way. Feels more like a place you could get lost in and an actual dungeon-ey type area, rather than a few screens players are able to rip through with ease.

I'm hoping to draw up some more character/enemy sprites soon... but map making is proving quite addictive at this stage. Whatever happens, I'll keep you guys updated.

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Back from the dead!

Okay so I'm back again. Long time no see! University studies got the best of me even though I probably should have kept updating this blog anyway.

So today, a bit of housekeeping.

  • For starters - Convention Quest is still in development. 
I know I haven't updated since July, but don't worry - I have not forgotten about this project. I'm still close to this idea and I've shown it off to a few friends and classmates at uni now, and received a pretty good response which has further motivated me to finish it.

I'll post some screencaps or video updates another time. There's just been a lot of planning on paper behind where exactly I want the game to go. At one point I think I gave the game a bit too much of a serious tone, so I'm trying to get that back in the right direction too.

  • During my Uni semester I also worked on another game, which I'm calling Ultra Ordinary Lad for now.
This was a fast 2D platformer developed in Construct 2. Most of it was made in 12 hours, but I then decided to take it a bit further by adding new attacks, animations etc. I'll probably get back to this project eventually and I'll post a proper update about it on this blog soon. Here's a screenshot for now:

  • Last thing - don't expect too many updates from me until 2nd November, as I have one final exam then.
That's all for now, though. I'm keeping this update relatively brief so that I can at least publish it.

- Nathan

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