Thursday, 7 July 2011

ConQuest Development Blog - Day 6

I'm quite disappointed in my lack of progress today. I'm hoping I can remedy this soon, though. Progressed alright since I started writing this. Hoping to have a playable demo of the game up in the next few days. Hopefully!

Heeeere's a link to a video of my progress, if you haven't seen it already.

I realised today that because RPG Maker allows for mp3s, it's possible for me to do voice recording for some of the lines of dialogue. I'm not sure if I'll actually end up doing this, but it's just something cool to keep in mind for later.

Some of my goals that I set yesterday included the creation of more art assets - sprite sheets for L on the map, as well as more character graphics for the battles. As cool as it is to have the L sprite finally in the game, I need to keep reminding myself not to focus on art assets alone. They just slow down development to a crawl when I'm working on them on my own.

The other thing with the spritesheets is that I can't just edit the pre-existing ones for the characters I need. I mean it's a plausible solution but a lot of effort for what it's worth - the art style of the default sprites isn't even that great to begin with.

ANYWAY. I look back and some of these blog entries and realise that I might have left some of you readers quite confused about what I'm doing with this game. Or at least, what it's meant to be about.
At this stage it's really hard to convey what's going on in my head. I might have to write up a more formal design document soon, otherwise I won't make much progress with the engine anyway because I won't have any direction.

Okay, first I'll sum up what I've already said or covered in some way:
  • Convention Quest is meant to convey the experience of being at a geek convention
  • The game follows a group of con-goers who, as part of their enjoyment of the convention, enjoy to cosplay. That is, dress up as their favourite characters
  • The gist of the story is that these conventions are overrun by unsavory types. I have yet to give these a name within the game, but they are the enemies you will encounter. They are the dark side of conventions, they are what makes it hard to attend a convention while keeping sane.
Unsavory types may include "glomping" fangirls, squealing fans, furries, elitist cosplayers, people who bring weapons, people who think they actually are anime characters, poor cosplayers and hambeasts. etc etc. It's really hard to explain these unless you've actually been to one of these conventions, but I'm hoping that the game will be able to sum them up for me.
  • The goal will be to fight through these enemies to find the root of the evil and destroy it, and hopefully bring happiness to the conventions again or some shit like that.
One thing that I haven't talked about so far which I'm hoping to implement later - different costumes for each player. Costume Quest already did this so it's not all that original. But I figured if I'm going to have a game involving cosplay then I may as well have different skins for each of the main characters. Suggestions are welcome here.

Oh right, well yesterday I said I wasn't going to do a name entry screen but I did it today anyway. And I think the game is probably better off for it. But at the same time, it's given me a couple of bugs that I'll have to iron out tomorrow. Le sigh.
Goals for tomorrow:
  • work on the next map screen after the L fight (this is hard, I'll explain why tomorrow)
  • write out more lore and player background stuff
  • Finish a second enemy asset that I started work on today.
  • Try spriting. Just a bit. (I found some nice bases on a site with a tutorial to work with)

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