Tuesday, 5 July 2011

ConQuest Development Blog - Day 5

Here’s some game art that I did today. This is L from Death Note, if you couldn’t tell - be it from being unfamiliar with the material or just because my art is crap. If you go to a con you will see these guys EVERYWHERE, because it is the easiest closet cosplay to do (he’s a pretty cool character also but that’s beside the point). It seemed appropriate that I use him as a mook. He’ll probably be the first enemy that the player encounters.

The trouble I have with this guy, though, is that I want to be able to show that this is a bad cosplay somehow. I gave him the wrong hair (shape and colour is off) but it’s still really hard striking a balance between recognisable and bad. I don’t think I’ve ever had to work with this kind of challenge when creating artwork before.

There’s one other thing I’ll have to look out for later on with RPG maker, and that’s the resolution of characters in the game. RPG Maker won’t let you resize assets within the engine, and the default resolution is absolute rubbish. As in, it’s impossible to tell what’s in L’s hand if it wasn’t hard enough already, and his face is obscured a bit also.

 Otherwise, today I didn’t do much. But I did make a decision to simplify the first area of the game, and I’m thinking about taking it even further tomorrow, too.


I don’t want to post a comparison shot, so I’ll just say that this is different to how I had things before. There’s only one set of stairs now - I didn’t want the player to be distracted by the right side of the screen. I think there are better ways to do hidden items etc than what I was doing before.
I’m going to get rid of a lot of the NPCs on this screen too - they provide a bit too much unnecessary clutter and distract the player from progressing.


This is screen 2. You may notice my affinity for tree stumps. Nothing special, just an easy way to map out how I want paths to look before adding proper sprites and objects etc. This one’s linear, but I want the player to take a scenic journey and soak things up for a while. I might end up expanding this actually, since it scrolls off screen but doesn’t go too far. Let the music play out a bit more before the next big event.


More tree stump love. Here’s when (hopefully) the player notices something is up. I’ve cut all the crap with the scenic route through the forest - this is a funnel used to guide the player into a mandatory battle. The tutorial fight, and first bit of story.


Here’s L in the game. Or… “Plain-Clothed Squatter” as I’ve named him for now. As I said in the previous blog, he’s the mook of the game - the goomba. The rattata.
But yeah, that’s all for now. Unfortunate that I wasn’t able to get more done.

Goals for tomorrow:
  • give background for the main characters, then draw up concept art for each
  • edit a sprite sheet for L
  • edit the first few screens of the game and clean them up

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