Monday, 4 July 2011

ConQuest Development Blog - Day 3

Today was a little bit of a let down. After working most of the day, I had one of those moments where I somehow managed to overwrite my project file. Not cool.
So on one hand, I don’t have much to physically show for my progress today. But I’m still able to list what I’ve learned with the program.

1. Switches
Switches are used to trigger one event the first time you do something, then another different event when you do it again.

The first way I implemented this was with a hidden treasure. The first time the player clicks on a box, they get 100 Gold as a reward. The next time, they get a message like “Nothing more to be found”.


Originally I had set these treasures up so that their event would be deleted after it was activated, but this wasn’t a good thing. If the player exited the screen and came back then the event would reset, aka INFINITE MONEYS. Also using this as a solution was bad since I couldn’t add a separate event like an error message or just alternative text.

2. Use of images and other cool stuff for speech bubbles
This was one problem I ran into early on with the prototype. When talking to NPCs, it was really hard for me to show exactly what was speech, and what was internal narration or backchat from the player character.


So here I have a test image displayed next to my NPC’s speech. This is the most basic option - there’s also options for animated images as well as little pop-outs which show the character’s name. Aaaaand a whole heap of other stuff that I won’t go into, it was the character image and name pop-out which were the main goodies.

For the record I owe DustCollecter of for this script. Pretty handy stuff!

3. Scripting character movement (both player character and NPC)
One of my original goals for today was to script the opening game “cutscene”. And I was managing it pretty well until my files got lost!

Using a whole string of different event commands in conjunction with each other, I was able to script the opening cutscenes which involved specific movement of characters, pauses and dialogue. Getting it set up in the first place probably didn’t take too long overall - it was mainly the tweaking and repositioning of events to get everything *just* right which took the longest.

There was one problem I faced which I couldn’t quite figure out, though. I ended up changing the way the opening event played out because of it. When I was controlling singular characters at a time with scripts, I seemed to be able to let them keep walking until they had disappeared off-screen. When I controlled a group of characters’ movement with one script, they would stop together at the edge of the screen no matter what I did with their separate movement patterns.

4. RPG Maker XP accepts mp3 files for music, not just midi files.
I swear earlier versions of the program couldn’t do this! In any case - this poses a bit of a dilemma for me. Some of the midi files I’ve been using are actually pretty cool in terms of bass, and they fit the project a bit better. But they’re not as easy for me to edit. May have to worry about this more when I stop using placeholder music.

That’s about it for today, though - still enough to make for a fairly long blog!

Goals for tomorrow:
  • Redo the opening cutscene
  • Create some custom sprites, and/or look into alternate resources
  • Figure out how the armour system is going to work (I have ideas for this, but I’ll share them a little later)
  • Name entry screen! Still haven’t figured this out


  1. That is unfortunate regarding the lost project file! Hopefully with your gained knowledge you will be able to get caught up at a faster pace then it initialy took so you will not have lost too much time. It is funny you mentioned the infinite money chests, my brother used an early version of RPG maker for fun and would have me test out his games. He never could figure out how to stop infinite money chests, or inifinite anything, so I was always able to collect infinite money, potions, weapons, etc. Hahah. Keep working hard on the game!


  2. Glad to see you working on such a unique game. Looking forward to seeing what u can pull off in 30 days :)


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