Saturday, 23 July 2011

ConQuest Development Blog - Day 21

Pretty soon I'm not going to have much time to work on this game at all, so I've got to pick up the pace a bit. My initial goal was to create a prototype of a game in 30 days, and I'm still working towards that. Today's going to be a formal update on how I've been doing with lots of screenshots and stuff. Might have to break this into two parts or something, actually.

Map Changes

Remember the first train scene? Here's what I've done with it. I basically drew out some maps on paper first and tried to visualise exactly how the player was going to get to the convention, and an underground train station in a city seemed like a better fit. Barrels and other junk are placeholder sprites. The stairs at the bottom of the screen actually function like escalators - move onto one and it will move the player in the appropriate direction without triggering their movement animation.

Full long-shot of the next screen. Final thing will have cars on the roads and traffic lights at the intersection. There's a few weird bugs I need to fix up with this section also.

Next screen - "park" which turns out to be your typical RPG forest area. Notice how the trees in the top screenshot look like trees and the ones in the bottom screenshot are all glitchy. This is because RPG maker only gives me four layers to work with including the event layer - so it's definitely not easy to layer trees nicely.

Next screen, also not fixed up. This is where all the enemies start to show themselves.

Next screen, and last bit of the forest area. There's a fork in the path because of some story stuff which I haven't scripted yet.

Out of the park finally. A boss fight is set to occur here.

Game Balance
Other stuff I've been working on so far - game balance. That includes character attributes and stats, item and weapon attributes, enemy stats -- all that backend stuff in an RPG which involves numbers and crap like that.

When I first opened RPG maker, the numbers weren't really to my liking. They were fairly well balanced - but each character had a three-digit number of hit points and other attributes in the 50s. This isn't all that big of a problem, but in my opinion it's better to keep these stats simple where possible. 40 HP and 5 attack/defense/etc works just as well and is much easier for the player to keep track of.

Same goes with armor. Now, I understand that some players like to stack the special effects of a few different pieces of armor, but that's really not what this game is going to be about. So ideally I want to get rid of shields, helms and plates so that characters only equip different armor types. Then (hopefully!) I'll be able to get these armors to affect character appearance. (I realise I've been spelling armour wrong this whole time but I don't like red lines and the engine spells it as armor, so whatever)

Can't be bothered writing too much more tonight, so goals for tomorrow:
  • script events for trainRoute05, trainRoute06 involving boss and story events.
  • create a draft item/armor/weapon list
  • finish a boss character sprite


  1. Impressive work man. Does the software do a lot of the hard work for u or do u have to code most of the actions and behaviours of different elements?

  2. I might have to post a screenshot of that stuff. Yes and no. You don't *need* to code per-se unless you want to modify the default stuff.

    However you do need to script -- basically, breaking down everything you want to happen at a particular time into steps, and activating those steps via events. It's a bit daunting at first but gets easier over time.


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