Wednesday, 25 May 2011

3D Showreel - May 2011

Another semester at University has come to an end. Well, sort of... I'm writing this a little before I'm officially done, but I've finished all of my projects now so all that's left to do is wait on my programming exam and then my results. Whee!

I'll be honest - I'm not actually completely satisfied with my standard of work this semester. A bit of laziness early on wasn't a good start, but even still I think I could have pushed myself a bit further especially in my unit for 3D Modeling. Embedded below is my final showreel with the three projects I ended up submitting for the semester.

A few points of note: 

- I'm actually moderately proud of how my walk cycle turned out, but that said - it wasn't looking good until last night, just under 48 hours until the showreel deadline. I followed a tutorial for modeling the man out of a cube, which seemed fairly easy for me to get my head around compared to the various alternate methods of modeling characters. 

Rigging also had a few different paths to go down, and I ended up dumping IK handles because they were just too fiddly and hard to understand with so little time. Some of my topology was off, resulting in what I'd dub "coke-can deformation" in places like the man's ribcage, where the polygons would just crumple. But otherwise some good use of edge loops in the right places managed to make him deform fairly nicely while animating. 
- The gun was my first project of the three, and is my least favourite of them all. I never managed to get the textures quite right, and the actual structure of the gun could have been improved too, from a design point of view. Using the HDRI was just a bad idea all around - the man taking the photo in the background sticks out like a sore thumb.

- The public bathroom was my favourite piece, but there's still a lot of work that could be done to improve it. I think I may have messed up the lighting at some point during the tweaking stages, and the graffiti wasn't quite right either. If I'd had more time I would have added more grime, a bump map to the tiles and the appearance of a wet floor. 
Oh, and I realise the bathroom didn't really get enough screen time and the shots sort of flew by too fast, but each of those shots took between 6 and 10 hours to render so I wasn't about to redo them with so little time to spare.

Anyway, enough bitching from me, what's done is done. I'm hoping to use these pieces as a launching pad for my future work and build up a better portfolio over the next few months. The character in particular was an interesting experience - in taking the path less traveled, it felt like there was a great payoff when I actually got things to work. Rigging is a pain, but I might just play around with it a bit more as it's only going to get easier from here and it might actually end up being something I enjoy. It was better than animating a walk cycle by hand, I'll say that at the very least.

That's all for now. Hopefully you can look forward to some more 3D work from me in the near future.



  1. Great video and you did an awesome job with your projects. Definately blew me away! My favorite was also the bathroom scene. The walking character was interesting, although he did have a very step down. I actually quite liked the guns although I am not all that familar with firearms. Now that you are done this year of school do you have any plans over the summer or does your program continue through the summer? It will be interesting to see your next projects. Also how many more years of schooling do you have in your program? Keep working hard! Cheers,


  2. Hey Fraffy,

    I'm in my second year (of three) with three semesters remaining for my degree. It's winter down here so we have a short(er) break of about six weeks before we go back again for next semester - in summer there's a break of roughly three months.

    Thanks for the kind comments, though. :)


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