Friday, 13 May 2011

3D Modeling Work - May 2011

Today I decided I'd post some of my uni work, seeing as I can't think of much else to update with. Plus I'd like to have some references here for later, so that I can look back on how far I've come.

These are three scenes I'm doing for a class this semester, which are all due in two weeks in a proper animated showreel with music and stuff.

Project 1 - Still Life Object. I chose a gun since it was just a common object in games. I designed this particular gun myself based off of a few other gun designs, sketched it up then modeled it out. At the top is a basic clay render; the bottom two images display some textures that I've messed around with. Still not happy with the textures though and continuing to work with them now.

Project 2 - Architectural Interior. I chose a bathroom, because in games there have been some pretty interesting (and mostly disgusting) toilet blocks. Think Goldeneye's, coming down from the vent and shooting the cap off that guard's head in the next cubicle. Or the disgusting toilets of Fallout 3 and Bioshock, and that one at the start of Gears of War. Or outside of games, think the  bathroom scene in Trainspotting.
Most of the other people in my class chose a living room or a bedroom, so I kinda wanted to do something a little different, yet still be able to do some cool mood lighting with.

I'm happy about the tiling in this scene. The ugly yellow lighting is also good for the mood, but it does have a bit of a glare on some walls that I'm not so happy about. Otherwise for this scene I just want to touch up some of the textures here and there to make it more grimy, but the priority of this is pretty low compared to my other projects.

Project 3 - Simple Textured Figure with Walk Cycle. I'm quite behind with this project. Was originally going to model based on Finn the Human from the Cartoon Network show Adventure Time. But I haven't modeled one continuous object before and haven't rigged a model before, much less a human. Finn is different from most humans in that he has elastic limbs which would require several dozen bones in order to make them look right. So unfortunately last week I had to make the decision to scrap my work on Finn and just create a generic human instead.

The model on the right is this generic human. I've been following a tutorial for him, which went over how to create such a model by gradually extruding from a cube, adding edge loops and divisions in the right places when necessary. He looks a little weird at the moment, but he's definitely set up for rigging in a better way than my original Finn model seen on the left. Here's hoping things go well with him!

That's all for now, though. Hope this was a nice insight into my work for you. Hopefully I'll be able to see you again in two weeks' time with some nice, completed renders. Ciao!

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